About Us

Stay true to yourself and find the uniqueness of your life



We at Sass’d Accessories believe every person has the right to choose their own aesthetic in a smart way. We believe that fashion should be accessible, genuine and safe to jewelry and accessory lovers. Our ultimate goal is to not only make you look beautiful, but also feel beautiful.


We select and/or produce every stainless steel jewelry with care and in mind that our items will bring you joy and are wearable every day, and forever.


While translating trends into jewelry and accessories, we care about your health. We would not like to see women who love jewelries suffer from allergies. Thus, we commit to high quality essentials with hypoallergenic materials. Our overall collections entail materials such as hypoallergenic brass, stainless steel or sterling silver.*


Our vision is to supply the Surinamese woman of every age with products that are adding value to your health, well-being, confidence and overall to empower a conscious lifestyle.



All of our products can be purchased through https://sassd.a2hosted.com




*This does not include our fast fashion jewelry and accessories.