Instant Sass’d Nails


How to apply your Press on Nails

  1. For preparation, clean and wash hands thoroughly
  2. File and buff the nails
  3. Gently push back the cuticles with cuticle pusher
  4. Wipe the nails with a sanitizing cloth or cotton
  5. Apply nail glue and/or adhesive sticker on your nail
  6. Apply press on nail by pressing down and holding it for a few seconds


How to remove your Press on Nails

  1. Soak fingers in warm soapy water
  2. Use a cuticle pusher to loosen the nail



For easier removal add cuticle oil in to warm soapy water to soak the nails or add it directly around the nails to help loosen it

Use adhesive tabs and glue together for longer lasting wear

Do not use acetone or acetone infused polish to remove the nails, because they may become not reusable

Scrape off any dried up glue on the back of the nail tips for reuse


Check out our blog post for more tips and advice about our press on nails.